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New York, Berlin, the Fiji Islands... the world has many beautiful places! With Mujumaps you are able to create high quality posters from any place in the world. You want to know how? By combining technology and design, Mujumaps' unique solution makes it easy for anyone to create a map poster.

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Once your order is received, printed and quality-checked, we make sure that you will receive your package in lightspeed at zero shipping cost. Whether you live in Canada, the Netherlands or Hong Kong, your new Mujumap will travel all the way to your doorstep.

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High quality art paper

Mujumaps prints on 180g, eco friendly art paper and uses cutting edge printers to deliver the highest quality. You can choose between 4 different poster sizes from small to large, in centimetres and inches.

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Locate, design and customise your map poster in different sizes, colours or by adding a personal note of your favourite place in the world. Choose between 4 filters that let your city shine in a unique look.

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