Frequently Asked Questions

What is mujumaps?

Mujumaps is a small interior design brand that creates customisable map prints from any place in the world.

How do I create a mujumap?

You can create your custom mujumap using our easy to use editor. Use this link here: https://editor.mujumaps.com/

In what countries are you shipping?

We are shipping globally to your door step.

What kind of paper are you using for the map print?

We are using eco friendly 180/m2 art paper of high quality.

What type of printer are you using?

State of the art printer to ensure highest quality.

How long does it take to receive my map print?

After you place the order your map print lands in our print cue and we expect to print it within 2-3 business days. Shipping will take another 2-4 business days depending on your location. Use Express Shipping to get your map within 1-3 days (select this option at checkout to ensure faster printing and delivery of your order). We are shipping with GLS and DHL Express and your order is trackable.

Do you offer Express Shipping?

Yes! We highly recommend it to anyone that needs the map print very quickly! We make sure the map print is with you in 1-3 business days depending on your location. You can track your order and our carroer of trust DHL Express which will make sure eveyrthing arrives in time (perfect for short term shopping for Christmas!)

Can I track my order?

Yes, we send you a link with tracking details with your order. Remember to refresh the tracking link to retrieve information. We are relying heavily on our shipping partners (GLS and DHL Express) to update the status of our order. If status is pending, try to refresh or wait for update of your order. You can also always contact our support at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you!

Why is my tracking link not working?

Be sure we ship your order within 1-2 days! Sometimes the tracking is delayed since the carrier (DHL Express) needs to update the status manually or by passing a checkpoint. Remember to refresh the link to retrive information (sometimes it takes a little bit of time). We are relying heavily on our shipping partner to update the status of our order. As soon as it moves to your location tracking it will update! 

What kind of payment methods are you accepting?

We integrated Stripe as a paymet gateway and accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. We also offer Paypal to make a checkout easy for you.

What size do the maps have?

Our maps have four different sizes (1. 50x70cm, 2. 70x100cm, 3.18x24-inch , 4. 24x36-inch) that you can choose from.

How can I contact customer support?

Please write to [email protected] and we get back to you immediately or ping us on Facebook via Messenger.

Do you have any press material?

Yes, we do! Its best you write us an email to [email protected]

What happens when I made a mistake on the map?

Write us immediately an email and we’ll figure out what we can do for you.

Can I order more than one map?

Yes, you can order up to 10 maps. If you want to order larger quantities get in touch via [email protected].

What is your privacy policy?

We respect everybody's privacy. Please look it up here.

What currencies are useable with mujumaps?

Our preferred currency is Euro but we accept US Dollar and GBP Pounds.

Do I need to be a Designer or Programmer to create a map?

We tried to make it as easy as possible to create a mujumap and you don’t need to have special skills. We are also happy to help with any questions you might have.

Where can I get inspired about different designs?

You can check out our website or Instagram channel and get inspired from maps that have already been created.

How much does a Mujumap cost?

We offer two version: (1) standard for EUR 50 and (2) large for EUR 70. Use Express Shipping for EUR +20 on your order to receive it faster (same prices in other currecies!).

What colours are you offering?

For now we offer four different colours (1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Black and White, 4. Colourful). Stay tuned we are working on more!

What browsers are you supporting?

We support all modern browser and our website is also mobile friendly. Probably Chrome, Safari and Firefox work the best.

Is it difficult to use the mujumap editor?

We tried to design our editor intuitively but if you have any trouble please contact us via [email protected] .

Do you charge transaction fees?

We do NOT charge any transaction fees.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

You can redeem your voucher code at the checkout page of our editor. You will find a field where you can add you voucher code.

How can I change my shipping address?

Please contact us immediately in case you want to make changes on your order details via [email protected] .

Where is the map data coming from?

Our map data is build on OSM .

Do I have to pay customs?

No custom fees apply from our side but depending on the which country you live in, you might check with your regulatories for customs fees (there might be additional cost).

How can I zoom in and out?

You can use the + and - button in the editor or use your keyboard. On mobile just swipe with two fingers.

I want to buy a mujumap as a present, can i buy a gift voucher?

Please get in touch via [email protected] we might be able to make it work for you.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we do! Shipping costs are included in the price. You select express shipping for EUR 20 for faster delivery!

What packaging are you using for the map prints?

We will ship map prints in reusable and recyclable cardboard tubes to protect them from any damage on their joruney to you.

Can I pay without credit card?

Alternativly to credit card payment we offer PayPal. You can also contact us to enquite about bank transfers using [email protected].

How do I select Express shipping?

Great question. You can find the option of Express Shipping on Desktop at Checkout stage on the left hand side under the map preview. On mobile this option is also visible in the order preview part. Select Express Shipping for an additional EUR 20 to your order.